A Salt Lake City Treasure

Any trip to Salt Lake City should include a visit to the Tracy Aviary. Some of the exhibits include Pelican Pond, King of the Andes, North American Eagles, Southern Ground Hornbills, Sandhill Cranes, Chilean Flamingos, Macaws & King Vultures, Amazon Adventure, Owl Forest, Trumpeter Swans, Dabbling Duck Pond, Kennecott Wetlands Immersion, and Treasures of the Rain Forest.

The Tracy Aviary is a great family outing where your children can experience many of these fascinating birds in a natural habitat. For example, a trip to the Pelican Pond will feature many native species of diving ducks and American White Pelicans. You can be amazed by seeing fish tossed into the gaping beaks of a hungry pelican while at the same time meeting some of the various birds that inhabit Utah’s wetlands and lakes. Some of the birds that you will meet include the American White Pelican, the Canvasback duck, the Ring-necked duck, the North American Ruddy duck and the Common Goldeneye.

You will definitely want to visit the North American Eagles habitat. The North American Bald Eagle is the United States national emblem. Six other countries have the Golden Eagle as their national emblem. The eagles who live here are birds that have been rehabilitated from various injuries sustained in the wild. The Tracy Aviary is like an ambassador for the species and the aviary allows these birds to live a full and happy life.

You can also walk through Backyard Birds and find yourself immersed in a type of abandoned home that could be found on the Pampas of Argentina. You will see interesting birds such as the Red-Crested Cardinal or the chatty Monk Parakeet. Another amazing bird to see of South America is the Chilean Flamingo.

The Tracy Aviary is definitely one of the world’s best known and oldest aviaries. It was established by a banker in 1938. It is located on the south side of Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. It is definitely worth taking the time to have your entire family spend a day at this awesome aviary.

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