Early concepts revealed for two Salt Lake City homeless shelters, including an entrance unforeseen by some business owners

Two new homeless shelters inched closer to life with Tuesday’s release of preliminary design concepts — though not without shades of the contentious debate that roiled Salt Lake City neighborhoods when the sites were selected nine months ago.

Drawings from Salt Lake City-based ajc architects show two-level shelters, or “resource centers,” that include 200 beds and spaces for housing, medical and legal services, as well as courtyards, kitchens, barbers and kennels.

Homeless service clients need not leave the shelter during the day, nor trek across town to receive health care, nor be targeted by predatory drug dealers.

But the biggest revelation for a few affected residents was the orientation of the 275 W. High Ave. shelter, which might now more accurately be called the 242 W. Paramount Ave. shelter.

Less than one-tenth of the shelter’s 3-acre footprint fronts Paramount Avenue — the next street over to the south of High Avenue — but in ajc architects’ proposal, the small parcel would include a short walkway to the shelter’s client entry.

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