Letter: Salt Lake City needed better policing

Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City Police investigate homicide scene at 300 East Browning Street in Salt Lake City Tuesday Dec. 27. Shots were fired just after 11a.m. and a body was found in a car at the scene. Police are on the lookout for two men believed to be involved in the shooting. They are still at large.

What exactly does it take to stop crime in Salt Lake City? While budgets are spent diversifying Salt Lake City even further, the response time for the Salt Lake City Police Department keeps falling and falling to over 15 minutes for a nonfelony crime in progress … while I sit and watch it happen and give descriptions.

Does anyone have the number for the complaint department where issues are actually heard and addressed? Maybe it is time to ask the feds to step in. The public in Salt Lake City deserves better help from law enforcement, plain and simple.

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