Salt Lake City Council passes first housing plan since 2000

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – The Salt Lake City Council passed a five-year housing plan which will help adapt to the booming population. The main goal is how to deal with affordability as prices continue to rise.

It’s the first housing plan the city has had since 2000. While the plan is broad, it will give the city a focus on how to integrate affordable housing going forward. Mayor Jackie Biskupski wasted no time implementing the recommendations.

Before the Salt Lake City Council passed the five-year housing plan…they said there was no real direction on how to deal with the overall housing crisis.

"Going from project, to project, to project. Hoping that things are going to work, but not really having a framework by which we’ll follow," said Charlie Luke, Salt Lake City council member.

The newly-passed plan gives a framework for current and future city leaders to work from on how affordable and where housing should go. Biskupski immediately celebrated the plan and signed an executive memo to get staff started on looking at all options. The mayor said affordability is key especially as homeless transition out of soon to be built resource centers.

.@slcmayor celebrating passage of housing plan for the city @abc4utah

— Glen Beeby (@GlenBeebyNews) December 13, 2017

"To make sure that there is real opportunity for them to be successful when they leave a resource center,” said Biskupski.

The mayor said if housing is built on city owned properties they can set requirements for the number of affordable units. Both the mayor and council stress the plan calls for affordable housing to be spread out to all areas of the city.

"Dynamic multi-use properties that will have a mix of incomes. We don’t want to bunch all affordability into one area," said Luke.

The mayor also called for the city to look into an inclusive ordinance which in the future could require new developments to have a certain number of affordable units, but officials think for now it can be done with partnerships instead. The mayor hopes to have at least 700 affordable units in place by June of 2019.

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