Salt Lake City Is More Diverse These Days

My ex-girlfriend was born and raised in Salt Lake City. She is biracial and she has had a difficult time finding other people of color who live an alternative lifestyle. Of course, there are people from all ethnic groups who are LGBTQ and live in many areas, but she said finding that in her city was hard for quite some time.

As a result of this lack of diversity, she always dated women that were not her preference. That may seem like a ridiculous notion to most, but what else would the average person do if they lived in a place where there weren’t many choices? That is one of the reasons that I am glad I am from a city that is larger and very diverse.

She ended up going online to meet new people, and that is how we got together. Our relationship was okay for the most part, but neither of us could deal with the distance and I was not about to pick up my life and move to Utah. She had health issues that prevented her from living in a colder climate, so New England was certainly out of the question.

We separated about ten years ago and we have remained friends this entire time. In the past three to four years I have seen her date more people of color than she ever has at any other time. I guess that Salt Lake City os becoming more diverse than it was when she was growing up.

I am very happy for her since she will not be forced into relationships that she is not very satisfied with. I know that I would go crazy if I did not have as many available options as I have always had.

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