Salt Lake City mayor discusses some of the city’s pressing issues

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Utah’s capital city is facing some challenges with affordable housing, aging roads and growth.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski stops by Inside Utah Politics to solutions to some of the challenges the city is currently facing.

One of the city’s key focuses is the development and expansion of the Northwest quadrant.

"What we are envisioning is a mix of development. We won’t have housing, but what we will have is small business, you might see a little hotel structure out there, but most of it will be bigger companies and some light manufacturing," Biskupski said.

The city has also been considering multiple tax proposals as wel,l such as activating the prison tax.

"For the first time ever we have our transit master plan, we have a housing plan and we have a study done about our infrastructure. We have a very solid picture of the needs, and now we’re going to the voters and the public and saying help us fund these needs that have been identified, and lets move this city forward and create our own destiny." said Biskupski.

She also talks about the General Obligation Bond, the transportation bill and Operation Rio Grande

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