Tourist Attractions in Salt Lake City

If you are visiting Salt Lake City, no doubt you are interested in finding out what tourist attractions lay in wait for your exploration. In this article, we will discuss a few things to see and do intended for tourists that will be sure to thrill you on your visit.

The first location on our list is Hogle Zoo. When visiting new parts of the country, it’s always fun to stop by the local zoo and see what exhibits and animals are there. Hogle Zoo covers over forty acres, with animals from tons of different ecosystems. This is definitely a wonderful place to visit with the entire family.

The second tourist attraction worth visiting while in Salt Lake City, Utah, is Red Butte Garden. This is a botanical garden that regularly hosts concerts and other fun events. Trails are also available for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors. Come to Red Butte Garden to see a variety of lovely plants and flowers, and even hear some great music.

For those of you who enjoy learning while on vacation, a wonderful location to visit is the Clark Planetarium. Present at this planetarium is a dome theater, as well as an IMAX theater. Exhibits, and other fun activities are here as well, so definitely bring your entire family when you come to experience what Clark Planetarium has to offer.

In conclusion, Salt Lake City, Utah, has a vast number of fun activities and tourist attractions to keep the whole family having fun when you come to visit. Be sure to stop by a thrilling planetarium, experience the fun of a botanical garden and arboretum, and see the fantastic animals housed at the local zoo. You’ll bring home with you memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.

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